List of Tombstones Recorded in the Jewish Cemetery of Zawiercie

List of Tombstone with Surnames Starting with C - F



Zawiercie Web Site

December 1, 2014

The Zawiercie web site was redesigned. The new version includes all the material that was presented in the older version with additional pages.

The current history page includes new essays and references about the history of Kromolow and Zawiercie in general and in particular the history of the Jewish community.

The web site is work in progress and we will be happy to receive photographs, stories and data of the Jewish life in Kromolow and Zawiercie.


Zawiercie Jewish Cemetery

Restoration Project

Dec 26, 2014

Dear friends,

I finally organized all the pictures I could  find and I created a site on my Facebook page titled “Zawiercie Jewish Cemetery Restoration Project.” 

 As regards the cemetery, Marcin Bergier was very busy this year clearing the vegetation and smaller trees as well as the area at the entrance behind the two buildings either side of the gate. He also contacted the city to empty the garbage can behind the carriage house.   I have also sent him a chainsaw, which he plans on using next year to  take down some of the smaller trees...  One of the most difficult issue we are dealing with are the two buildings on either side of the entrance gate.  The one on the left is the carriage house and the one on the right is where the caretaker lived and the bodies were prepared for burial.  These two buildings have serious structural damage...  If we don’t get some serious money,  the two buildings will likely have to be torn down.  If anyone has any idea about a charitable organization we can contact to get a grant, please let me know.

Please forward this note to anyone I may have missed. 

Thank you,

Joe Greenbaum



December 2, 2014

On Tuesday April 9, 2013 Joe Greenbaum send email to a group of people that have an interest in the town of Zawiercie:

"Dear Friends and Family, I would like to inform you that the city of Zawiercie is planning to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the liquidation of the Zawiercie ghetto on Thursday, August 29, 2013. Attached, you will find the invitation and a preliminary program schedule. "

The event took place on August 29, 2013 and Heidi Urich shared with me her experience:

"I attended the Zawiercie commemoration and found it to be a very worthwhile experience. I was particularly moved by the procession from the marketplace at the edge of the ghetto to the train station. In addition to town officials, there appeared to be a great many town residents who joined us as we walked about a mile on the route our family members were forced to take as they were being deported to Auschwitz. A large plaque commemorating the Jewish community was unveiled at the train station opposite the tracks in a solemn ceremony. This was followed by another ceremony at the Jewish cemetery. "

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List of Tombstones Recorded in the Jewish Cemetery of Zawiercie

List of Tombstone with Surnames Starting with C - F



Burial record id


Given name(s)

Date of death (english)

Spouse's name

Father's name

Other surname


4046 CHABA Raizl 1932 Yakov Avraham OKSENHENDLER Nee Oksenhendler
5064 CHIMIELNICK Gitl Lea 1931 Shimon Isachar Dov    
8082 CHIMIELNICKI Avraham Yehuda 1925   Shimon    
9474 CHRARZANOWSKI Kaila Toibe 1929 Shimon Hanoch Henich    
1010 CHRZANOWSKI Gitl Lea 1917   David Yeuda  FEINGROD Nee Feingrod
7047 CIMBLER Baila Sara 1917 Klonimus Kalman Dov David    
9459 CIMBLER Pinchas 1936   David    
7048 CIMBLER Klonimus Kalman 1927   Yehuda Yakov    
7110 CIMBLER   1936   Pinchas    
9457 DAFNER Roiza 1928 Yosef Imanuel    
1002 DANZIGER Yosef 1917   Shmuel    
9011 DANZIGER Zvi 1923   Israel    
9146 DANZIGER Shmuel 1924   Israel    
1003 DANZIGER Simcha 1913 Shmuel Yosef    
8077 DANZIGER   1918 Haim Shlomo Avraham David    
  DANZIGER Henich Arie     Lemil    
6032 DATNER Bila 1916 Zev Volf Elimelech    
9051 DIAMAND Zisl Bracha 1918   Shmuel Yehuda    
7059 DIAMAND Lea   David Yakov Aharon    
9115 DIAMANT Aharon 1920   Israel Iser    
8142 DIAMANT Nachum 1936   Meir    
5058 DIAMENT Golda 1932 Yosef Israel Yehuda    
9064 DIAMENT Chaia     Haim Ha'kohen    
4028 DIAMENT Issachar 1910   Yehoshua    
7069 DIAMENT Shaindel 1916        
9318 DIERZKI Naftali 1919   Mandel    
8141 DIMANT Israel Isar 1935   Izchak Yakov    
9005 DINA Shimon 1924   Moshe    
9003 DJEVO Yehoshua 1924        
9041 DOLENBERG Hanoch 1924   Yochanan    
  DOMB Liba 1938 Dov Berl Ha'kohen Yehud Leibush    
9464 DRAPICHOST Dvora     Elimelech    
9130 DREKSLER Aidel 1924 Menachem Moshe    
8027 DREZNER Avraham Haim 1919   Shmuel Yakov    
9078 DREZNER Ahron Zvi 1924   Moshe Pinchas    
6028 DREZNER Ester Yuta   Israel Avraham    
9235 DREZNER Bracha 1928 Shlomo Zalman Avraham    
9009 DREZNER Zisman Leib 1923   Avraham    
8079 DREZNER Yakov Shmuel 1923   Elazar Yehuda    
9411 DREZNER Shmuel Yakov 1918   Israel    
8124 DSMAI… Israel     Yehoshua    
3035 DZEVO Elka 1914   Yehoshua    
9245 EHERMAN Izchak David 1924   Haim    
9259 EHERMAN Moshe     Avraham    
3055 EHERMAN Roiza Etl 1936 Avraham Reuven    
9480 EIFNER Neomi     Eliezer    
9029 ERBER Yakov 1922   Eliezer    
1046 ERENFRID David Meir 1914   Yeshaya    
1019 ERLICHMAN Pesil   David Ha'levi Moshe    
5040 ERLICHMAN Sara Lea     Zev Dov    
7057 ESTRAICHER Motil 1917 Shmuel Leib Zalman Ha'kohen    
9140 FAIG…DAVIDMAN Meir          
7044 FAIGENBLAT Chaia 1917 Zvi Hirsh Shlomo    
9471 FAIGENBLAT Fraidel 1930 Yosef David BLACHARZ Nee Blacharz
8083 FAIGENBLAT Zvi 1922   Israel Iser    
8110 FAIGENBOIM Akiva 1927   Haim    
6010 FAIGENBOIM Rivka Lea 1915   Elimelech    
2011 FAIMAN Fraidl Ruda 1915 Israel Yosef Shmuel Meir    
1077 FAINER Liba Dwora     Reuven    
9020 FAINER Klonimus Kalman 1927   Shmuel Meir    
6020 FAINER Roiza 1924 Kleminos Kalman Israel Yehuda    
9307 FAINGEROT Avraham Izchak 1913   David Laibush    
7112 FAINMAN Moshe Zvi 1936   Yehuda Yudl    
9155 FAITMAN Shmuel Yehuda 1929   Shimon Ha'kohen    
7022 FAKTORSKI Bila Yentil 1919 Yakov Izchak Eliezer    
9086 FAST Shalom 1931   Yakov Leib Kohen    
9062 FEDER Breindel 1927 Izchak Natan Zev    
9321 FEDER Shmuel Arie 1919   Pinchas Ahron    
8080 FEDER Shmuel Zev 1915   Reuven Meir    
9418 FEDERMAN Miriam Bluma 1918   Shmuel Yehuda    
9098B FEDERMAN Shmuel 1937   Elikum    
9014 FELDBERG David 1926        
9106 FELDBERG Hanoch 1924   David Ha'kohen    
8062 FELDBOIM Izchak 1921   David Ha'kohen    
8097 FELDENBERG Izchak Yakov     Moshe    
9345 FELDLOIFER Golda Malka 1928 Yakov David    
9133 FELDMACHER Chana 1925   Avraham    
9143 FELDMAN Avraham Moshe 1926   Zvi Eliezer    
9093 FELIX Zisel 1934   Israel    
5049 FELZINSHTAIN Rikel 1912   Haim David    
7001 FENTZKI Avraham Meir 1918   Moshe Natan    
4017 FERER Pinchas Ahron 1917   Shmuel Zev    
7076 FERLEGER Zev Volf 1934   Haim Meir    
9002 FINEROT Yakov 1924   Izchak    
6040 FINGELMAN Ester 1936 Moshe Yosef Naftali Ha'levi    
3056a FINGERUT Shifra 1914   Yehuda Yudl    
9438 FINGROT Sheva 1921 Avraham Aba Eliezer    
2004 FINKEL Yuta Bila   Yehuda Moshe Moshe BELKIN Nee Belkin
3025 FISHER Avraham Yeshaia 1917   Mordechai    
5045 FISHER Chaia Mirl 1911 Avraham Yshai Yehuda Zvi    
4055a FISHER Chana Kaila 1937 Mordechai Zvi Meir Reuven    
1028 FISHER Izchak Ahron 1917        
8054 FISHER Izchak Zvi 1919   Meir    
8099 FISHER Mordechai Zvi 1927   Izchak Ahron    
9045 FISHER Mitel 1919 Izchak Yakov    
8093 FLEISHHAKER Pinchas 1930   Avraham Alter    
9327 FOIGEL Bluma Raizl 1922 Baruch Israel    
1023 FRAIBERG Hadasa 1914 Moshe Yakov Aron Yakov Ahron    
5055 FRAIBERG Sara 1910 Dov Berish Eliezer Ha'kohen    
4055 FRAIDENRAICH Rachel 1933 Moshe Ahron Shlomo Zalman    
9339 FRAIDENRAICH Baila 1924   Shmuel    
7052 FRAIDENRAICH Hendel 1917 Haim Izchak    
7051 FRAIDENRAICH Haim 1919   Benyamin    
9058 FRAIDENRAICH Yehudia 1924 Yehoshua Haim    
9303 FRAIDENRAICH Izchak Zvi 1919   Haim    
8078 FRAIDENRAICH Moshe Ahron 1923   Naftali Hirtzko    
9112 FRANK Yakov Ari 1920   Haim Meir    
4043 FRANK Necha 1932 Yakov Arie Ahron Izchak    
3037 FRENK Chaia 1912   David Yakov    
7038 FRENKEL Yentl Ritza 1919 Yechiel David Meir    
9206 FRIDBERG Yehoshua Ari 1920   Zvi    
9213 FRIDBERG Yshaia Zev 1920   Haim Levi    
9048 FRIDBERG   1918   Shmuel    
4038 FRIDMAN Azriel Zev 1917   Shlomo    
9125 FRIMERMAN Zisel 1925   Yehuda Leibush    
1045 FRISHER Yakov Ahron          
8154 FROMAN Shmuel Shmelik 1934   Israel    
9059 FRONT Chava 1927 Yakov Eliezer    
4035 FRUCHT Yjakov 1913   Yehuda    
9061 FUKS Hinda 1926 Shlomo Avraham